SEO Kwentuhan

In this engaging podcast episode, Gab and Gelo explore the world of client discovery calls and crafting SEO proposals. With a focus on establishing meaningful connections with clients and tailoring proposals to their needs, they share practical tips and real-world experiences. 

Whether you're experienced in SEO or just starting your journey, this episode offers valuable insights to enhance your client communication skills and increase your success rate. 

Tune in for actionable strategies and expert advice to take your freelance SEO career to the next level.


Key Takeaways

Client discovery calls and presenting SEO proposals are crucial stages in freelancing.

Building rapport with clients and understanding their needs is essential.

Effective communication skills, including English proficiency, are valuable for freelance SEO professionals.

Preparation, confidence, and trial and error are key to success in discovery calls.

Tailoring proposals to reflect the client's business and needs enhances their effectiveness.

Including metrics and performance data in proposals adds credibility.

Personalizing proposals based on client goals and providing clear deliverables and pricing are important.

Analyzing Google's updates and adapting SEO strategies accordingly is crucial.

Focusing on branded terms and products over general informational content can improve optimization.

Having follow-up strategies and contract templates ready after discovery calls ensures smooth client management.

Continuous improvement in communication skills, despite initial challenges, is vital for freelancers.

Leveraging background knowledge about the client's business helps in standing out among competitors.

Limiting the number of slides/pages in proposals avoids overwhelming the client.

Demonstrating ROI and explaining SEO's role in the overall marketing strategy is important during proposal presentations.

Educating clients about SEO trends and strategies for long-term success enhances their understanding and cooperation.

Quotable Quotes in this episode

1. "Embrace the discovery calls as opportunities to understand, strategize, and connect with clients on a deeper level." - Gelo

2. "Craft proposals that not only reflect your understanding of the client's business but also resonate with their goals and aspirations." - Gab

3. "The path to success begins with understanding, progresses with alignment, and flourishes with execution." - Gab

4. "Proposals are not just documents; they are blueprints for success. Build them with care, commitment, and a touch of creativity." - Gab

5. "Understanding your client's needs is key. It's about building trust and showing you're here to solve their problems." - Gelo

6. "Don't let language barriers hold you back. Confidence and preparation make all the difference in client interactions." - Gelo

7. "Tailor your proposals to show you understand their business. It's about clarity and connecting with what matters most to them." - Gab

8. "Continuous improvement is the name of the game. Stay adaptable and keep refining your approach." - Gab & Gelo

9. "It's not just about what you say but how you say it. Communicate clearly and showcase your expertise." - Gelo

10. "Effective communication isn't always about fluency—it's about clarity and genuine connection." - Gab

11. "Metrics tell the story. Use data to paint a clear picture of what success looks like for your clients." - Gelo

12. "Understand their challenges, propose solutions. It's about being proactive and showing value from day one." - Gab

13. "Adaptability is key in SEO. Stay ahead by understanding trends and adjusting strategies accordingly." - Gab

14. "Simplicity wins. Clear, concise proposals leave no room for misunderstanding." - Gelo

15. "Follow-up is your secret weapon. Stay persistent and courteous—it shows you're committed to their success." - Gab

What's Next

Armed with invaluable insights and practical strategies, you're now equipped to navigate the intricacies of client interactions and proposal presentations with confidence. 

But this is just the beginning of your journey towards mastering the art of freelance SEO.

As you reflect on the wealth of knowledge shared in this episode, consider how you can apply these learnings to your own endeavors. And remember, the path to success in SEO is an ongoing one, filled with opportunities for growth and refinement.

Join us for the next installment of our podcast series, where we'll continue to explore the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. Together, we'll explore new topics more thoroughly, uncovering fresh perspectives and motivating each other to achieve greater heights.

So, keep the momentum going, stay curious, and stay tuned for more insights and inspiration in the episodes to come. Until next time!

Transcript Summary

00:00 - 00:48

Gab and Gelo introduce themselves and the episode topic, requested by Nico Pereira, focusing on client discovery calls and presenting SEO proposals.

00:48 - 02:48

Gab and Gelo discuss the importance of client discovery calls, building rapport, and identifying red flags. They emphasize effective communication, especially for freelancers.

02:48 - 04:20

Personal experiences and strategies for handling discovery calls are shared, highlighting the importance of confidence and preparation.

04:20 - 06:37

Discussion on preparing SEO proposals using information from discovery calls, leveraging background knowledge, and tailoring proposals to client needs.

06:37 - 08:59

Conclusion on discovery calls and SEO proposals, with advice on improving communication skills and preparation.

09:58 - 11:47

Gab and Gelo discuss their processes after discovery calls, including using tools like Canva and Notch for proposal preparation.

11:47 - 13:07

Emphasis on aligning proposal content with client goals and including metrics and performance data.

13:32 - 14:49

Importance of customizing proposals based on client goals and providing realistic traffic projections.

16:01 - 19:58

Discussion on proposal structure, including technical insights and actionable recommendations, and the use of simple language.

20:05 - 24:26

Importance of including case studies, metrics, and historical data in proposals to demonstrate effectiveness and build credibility.

24:27 - 31:42

Tailoring proposals to specific industries, adjusting pricing based on complexity, and addressing objections with clear ROI explanations.

31:43 - 34:42

Strategies for customizing proposals and handling objections, emphasizing the value of SEO in marketing.

34:42 - 43:44

Discussion on the impact of Google's updates, the importance of local SEO, and educating clients on long-term SEO benefits.

44:07 - 47:17

Emphasis on focusing on branded terms over informational keywords and advising clients on targeting relevant keywords for better visibility.

47:17 - 49:52

Follow-up strategies after sending proposals, ensuring timely communication, and having contract templates ready.

49:58 - 50:07

Conclusion with thanks to listeners, encouraging them to subscribe and follow for updates, and a mention of upcoming merchandise.