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In our very first episode, we dig into the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Gab Valiemento, a seasoned specialist with a decade of expertise in the subject. On our most recent SEO Kwentuhan podcast episode, he is with Gelo to discuss the complexities of SEO. Here are some extremely useful thoughts and takeaways for you.


A Journey Through SEO with Gab Valiemento.

Gab discusses his transformative journey from corporate web developer to creating his own SEO service, emphasizing the importance of ongoing learning and adaptation in the ever-changing SEO environment. This podcast, which combines personal experiences with professional guidance, is a goldmine for both aspiring and experienced SEO experts.

Key Insights

  • In addition to technical SEO, Gab and Angelo emphasize the value of soft skills and remaining up-to-date on current trends. "SEO isn't just about the technical aspects; it's about understanding the trends and equipping yourself with the right soft skills." Gab Valiemento.

  • The importance of execution: A common subject in their discussion is the importance of execution in SEO. "Every ambitious SEO specialist should realize that execution is essential. "Knowledge without application is like a never-opened book." Gab Valiemento.

  • Building a Credible Portfolio: Gab emphasizes the importance of turning problems into opportunities when developing a strong SEO portfolio. "Building a credible SEO portfolio isn't about showcasing wins; it's about demonstrating how you've turned challenges into opportunities." Gab Valiemento.

  • Learning from Setbacks: Overcoming SEO penalties and setbacks via planning and tenacity is critical to success. "Facing fines and setbacks in SEO is part of the process. Overcoming challenges with strategy and resilience is the path to success." Gab Valiemento.

What's next?

Inspired by Gab's experience and insights?

We recommend that you listen to the entire podcast episode for a more in-depth understanding of SEO and how to successfully manage its hurdles.

Stay tuned for future episodes, where we'll continue to investigate the newest trends, give professional advice, and equip you with the knowledge you need to succeed in your SEO journey.