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In the latest episode of "SEO Kwento," we sit down with Gab Valiemento, the brain behind the SEO Workout Group, and Gelo Amonelo, a cornerstone of the SEO Dad group, to unwrap the lighter side of SEO. The episode titled "Underdog to SEO Wiz: A Six-Figure Story" dives deep into the compelling journey of an undergraduate who navigated through odds to land a coveted SEO position, making a substantial mark in the digital marketing realm.


Key Takeaways

  • The Unlikely Start: Gelo's transition from a decade-long casino career to the digital marketing industry and his deep dive into SEO post-pandemic layoffs.

  • Breakthroughs and Challenges: The duo's insights into the early trials in SEO, emphasizing the need for practical application of learned theories.

  • Landing a Dream Job: Gelo's strategic approach to applying and succeeding in securing a position at Canva, highlighting the interview process and work culture.

  • Continuous Learning and Sharing: The importance of relentless learning, mentorship, and sharing knowledge within the SEO community.

  • Valuing Experience Over Theory: The practical experience's edge over theoretical knowledge in mastering SEO and digital marketing.

  • The Role of Mentors: Insights into how mentors can accelerate learning and professional growth, underscoring humility and openness to new ideas.

Quotable Quotes

  • "Always apply and find a mentor that can help you along the way. And don't be afraid to try new things, especially if it's new to you, like client-facing, which is also one of the challenges." - Gelo

  • "Surround yourself with people who have a positive way of thinking and are aligned with your plans and goals in life. And also, find a mentor." - Gelo

  • "Never stop learning is my number one rule." - Gelo

  • "You should always be willing to lower your ego because your mentor has a mentor, and their mentor has a mentor. It shows that no matter how much you know, there's always something new to learn from someone else." - Gab

  • "As long as you're helping and sometimes, I also learn from the newcomers because they bring fresh ideas. So, I listen to their opinions because sometimes, they might be right." - Gelo

  • "Don't be in a hurry to make a lot of money; focus on changing many people's lives. To me, that's the true measure of success, not how much money you have because money comes and goes." - Gab

Transcript Summary

[00:00 - 00:17] Gab (Gab Valiemento): Hello to our listeners! We're back on SEO Kwento, where we discuss lighter topics on the SEO side. I'm Gab Valiemento, the owner of the SEO Workout Group on Facebook.

[00:17 - 00:19] Speaker 2: Facebook Kas.

[00:19 - 00:43] Gelo (Gelo Gelo Amonelo): And I'm Gelo Gelo Amonelo, rhyming, right? I'm part of the SEO Dad group. We're a group because we're many, and we're working on a lot of stuff lately, Gab with his course and my course. So, mine is more on the technical side, and I focus on the local. Gab, what's our topic today? What are we discussing?

[00:43 - 01:24] Gab: So, this is our second episode. Since you enjoyed the first one, today's topic, which we will discuss, is about how an undergraduate managed to land an SEO job and earn six figures a month. And, also about Canva, which I also use. So, it's well-known among our listeners. Nice.

[01:24 - 01:37] Gelo: Nice, nice. Go ahead, Sir G.

[01:37 - 03:38] Gab: Ok, to start with, the first question is about your background. How did you become interested in the SEO industry?

Gelo shares his journey from working in a casino for almost 10 years, being laid off during the pandemic, entering the digital marketing industry as a VA, discovering SEO, and his path to learning and loving SEO.

[03:38 - 04:19] Gab & Gelo Conversation: They discuss the initial challenges and breakthroughs in the SEO industry, including salary figures and the importance of learning and applying knowledge.

[04:19 - 06:07] Gab & Gelo Dialogue: Continues with the story of applying to Canva, the application process, and the strategies used to gain confidence and experience for the job interview.

[06:07 - 07:47] Gelo: Describes the interview process at Canva, the work culture there, and his personal journey of continual learning and application of SEO knowledge.

[07:47 - 09:05] Gab & Gelo Discussion: They talk about the importance of learning, applying what you learn, and sharing knowledge within the SEO community.

[09:05 - 10:02] Gab: Emphasizes the value of practical experience over theoretical knowledge in SEO and other fields.

[10:02 - 11:21] Gelo: Shares his approach to learning SEO, including taking courses on Udemy during sales, reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and the significance of continuous learning.

[11:21 - 14:48] Gab & Gelo Dialogue: They further discuss the SEO industry, the importance of continuous learning, applying new knowledge, and the benefits of having a mentor in the SEO journey.

[14:48 - 16:20] Gab & Gelo Conversation: Continues with insights on work-life balance at Canva, the culture of continuous improvement, and the role of mentors in professional growth.

[16:20 - 19:24] Gab & Gelo Discussion: They cover various topics, including the challenges and opportunities in the SEO industry, the importance of experimentation, and sharing success with others.

[19:24 - 22:56] Gab & Gelo Dialogue: The conversation wraps up with advice for those starting in the SEO industry, the importance of humility, and the continuous pursuit of learning and improvement.

[22:56 - 33:11] Gab & Gelo Conclusion: Concludes with final thoughts on never stopping learning, the value of sharing knowledge, and encouragement for listeners to pursue their interests in SEO and digital marketing.

What's Next

Inspired by Gelo's journey and the insightful exchanges between our speakers, we are reminded of the limitless possibilities within the SEO and digital marketing world.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to deepen your expertise, the key lies in never ceasing to learn, apply, and share knowledge.

Let's embody the spirit of continuous improvement and strive to leave a lasting impact on the industry and beyond.