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Are you torn between a freelance and a corporate SEO career?

You're not alone.

Many SEO professionals grapple with this choice, weighing the freedom of freelancing against the structure of a corporate job.

In today’s podcast episode, we go into the personal journeys of seasoned SEO experts who have walked both paths. They share the raw truths about the perks and pitfalls of each, from unpredictable client demands to navigating corporate hierarchies.
If you're looking for unfiltered insights to help you make a smart career move in SEO, this episode is for you.

Tune in and find out whether the freelance lifestyle or the corporate ladder suits your professional goals better.


Key Takeaways

  • Career Control: Freelancing offers unparalleled control over your projects and work-life balance, while corporate roles provide stability and clear career progression.

  • Learning Opportunities: Corporate environments often come with structured learning and mentoring, whereas freelancing requires a more self-directed approach to skill development.

  • Financial Considerations: Understand the potential income fluctuations of freelancing compared to the predictable salary and benefits of a corporate job.

  • Networking: Corporate positions may provide more networking opportunities within the industry through formal channels. Freelancers need to be proactive in creating and maintaining professional connections.

  • Personal Growth: Both paths offer significant growth but in different capacities. Corporate roles can foster specialization, while freelancing might demand a broader skill set.

  • Work Environment: Consider your preferred working environment—structured office settings in corporate jobs versus the flexibility of choosing your workspace as a freelancer.

  • Impact of Work: The immediate impact of your work might be more visible in freelance projects, whereas in corporate settings, contributions could be part of larger team efforts.

Quotable Quotes

  • "When I started my corporate job, it wasn't just about learning SEO. It was about embracing every part of the process, from the ground up, understanding that each step was a building block to where I am today. It's about diving deep and not shying away from the challenges." - Gab

  • "The traditional path taught me a lot, but the real learning came from converting challenges into opportunities. From Photoshop to WordPress, every transition was a chance to innovate and redefine what I could achieve." - Gab

  • "Choosing freelancing was choosing freedom—the freedom to define my own hours, pick my projects, and directly see the impact of my work. It's not just about being your own boss; it's about owning your path and steering it with conviction." - Gab

  • "The key to thriving in both corporate and freelance paths is continuous learning. Whether it's a new SEO technique or a client management strategy, staying curious and committed to learning is what keeps you relevant and successful." - Gelo

  • "In freelancing, every challenge is a solo battle. But it's also an opportunity to prove to yourself what you're capable of. Each difficult client and each tough project builds your resilience and sharpens your skills." - Gab

  • "Your career should be driven by vision, not circumstance. Whether in a corporate cubicle or a home office, the vision you have for your life dictates the strategies you implement and the outcomes you pursue." - Gelo

  • "Leaving a stable corporate job to start my own business was a leap—fueled not by certainty but by the belief in my own capabilities. It's about making bold choices and standing by them." - Gab

  • "The decision to freelance wasn't made on a whim—it was a transformative moment, born from a desire to reshape my professional landscape and reclaim my time. It’s about crafting a life that aligns with your deepest values and ambitions." - Gab

Transcript Summary

00:00:00 - Introduction

This video explores the transition from corporate jobs to freelancing, covering various aspects and experiences.

00:01:30 - Corporate Job and SEO Introduction

Gab & Gelo: Share their journeys starting corporate jobs and delving into the world of SEO.

00:03:28 - Transitioning from Corporate Job to Freelancing

Gab & Gelo: Recount their personal experiences transitioning from corporate roles to freelancing.

00:06:00 - Virtual Assistant (VA) in Corporate and Freelancing

Gab & Gelo: Discuss the role of a virtual assistant (VA) in both corporate and freelance settings, highlighting the autonomy of being a freelance boss.

00:07:45 - Skills in Corporate and Freelancing

Gab & Gelo: Compare the different skills and work required for corporate and freelance jobs.

00:09:38 - Handling Multiple Clients

Gab & Gelo: Provide insights on managing multiple clients in both corporate and freelance environments.

00:19:18 - Work-Life Balance in Corporate and Freelancing

Gab & Gelo: Share tips for achieving work-life balance in both corporate and freelance settings.

00:22:51 - Pros and Cons of Freelancing and Corporate

Gab & Gelo: Outline the advantages and disadvantages of freelancing and corporate jobs.

00:27:17 - Lessons Learned in Corporate and Freelancing

Gab & Gelo: Share their key takeaways from their experiences in both corporate and freelance settings.

00:29:21 - Corporate vs Freelance

Gab & Gelo: Discuss the differences between corporate and freelance work, including which is better for time management and stress levels.

00:31:04 - Burnout Rate

Gab & Gelo: Compare the burnout rates of corporate and freelance jobs, and how this affects workers' stress levels.

00:32:56 - Scalability and Impact

Gab & Gelo: Discuss which type of work offers more scalability and impact for a client's website, and how this affects the work of an SEO specialist.

00:39:38 - Networking

Gab & Gelo: Highlight the importance of networking in both corporate and freelance settings, and how it can help you find clients and opportunities.

00:46:14 - Starting a Career in SEO

Gab & Gelo: Discuss the best path for those new to SEO, whether it's corporate, freelance, or a combination of both.

00:51:45 - Future of AI

Gab & Gelo: Emphasize the importance of learning and implementing SEO skills, and how to find clients in both corporate and freelance industries.

What's Next

As we wrap up today's discussion on the distinct paths of freelance and corporate SEO, it's time to reflect on what suits you best. Are you drawn to the autonomy of freelancing or do the structured growth opportunities of a corporate environment appeal more to you?

Take your time to evaluate where you stand with your skills, career goals, and personal preferences. Remember, the best choice is the one that supports your ongoing growth and happiness.

Stay tuned for our next episode, where we’ll uncover additional tools and strategies to enhance your success in either career path. Whether you’re considering freelancing freedom or a corporate ladder climb, we'll provide expert insights and practical tips to propel your SEO career forward.

Subscribe to our podcast to stay updated, and join the conversation on our social media channels. We're eager to hear about your decisions and experiences. Until next time, continue to challenge yourself and aim high.